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Huich, pronounced like Peach with an H, pronouns She/Her.  

She trained at Arrojo Studio, where she completed her apprenticeship, learning precision, haircutting and razor techniques. After Arrojo, she went to work on sets for e-commerce and print magazines. She also worked as a stylist at Younghee's in Tribeca, finding her voice as a thoughtful, compassionate hairdresser. She is now working out of her own studio called NUNA, which means "big sis" in Korean. It's a semi-private, intimate hair studio dedicated to that big sis energy, looking out for the well being of everyone who comes through.  

Huich does both cut and color. She specializes in curly hair, most curl types, dry cutting, grooming and barbering, lightening brunettes and detailed blonding.

Her work is detailed and thoughtful. She strives to do what's best for her clients, keeping the integrity of the hair and the integrity of her work.  She will not rush an appointment and books enough time for each service, especially for new clients. She deeply cares for each clients' needs and everyone's unique traits.